Drain Cleaning

Affordable Drain And Sewer Cleaning Services

Need drain cleaning services, or rooter & plumbing service? We’re the local drain and sewer experts — fast, dependable, honest. For residential and commercial plumbing emergencies we can be there in a day or less, 24/7. Whether the clog is from grease and grime buildup, debris, a foreign object, or a tree root invasion our professionals have the latest equipment to inspect and unclog just about any blockage, leaving your pipes good as new. ASAP Plumbing provides affordable drain and sewer cleaning services to all Fresno and surrounding areas.

Like many plumbing problems, drain problems typically start out small — a sink or tub draining more slowly than usual. But they only get worse with time. So call us for drain cleaning services before you’re dealing with a backup and overflow emergency.

We have all the training and all the right equipment that it takes for the best value in the residential and commercial drain and sewer cleaning services.

  • Video camera pipe inspection. Knowing exactly what the blockage is and where it’s located is a big help in assuring fast, effective, and affordable drain and sewer services. That’s especially true for sewer lines that can suffer from a huge range of problems. Our live in-pipe video cameras tell us everything we need to know about the obstruction and the condition of your pipes.
  • Cabling (drain snaking) and augering are the standard methods for removing grease, grime, hair, and many other blockages.
  • Hydro jetting is an advanced method using jets of very high-pressure water. It safely scours the insides of pipes until they’re clean as new, and can even cut through tree roots.

Bathroom Sink, Tub Drain, Shower, or Toilet

A backed up toilet is another common rooter & plumbing problem best left to experts.  Objects that shouldn’t have been flushed can become trapped anywhere along the way to the city sewer hook-up at the street, grease, and grime can build up, tree roots can invade, and older pipes can collapse.  A toilet auger usually solves the problem, and water jetting often avoids an expensive sewer line repair.

Hair and soap scum are the banes of bathtub drains and shower drains, and can sometimes be cleared with liquid drain cleaners.  The same goes for bathroom sinks.  But if one or two tries doesn’t do it, stop wasting time and give us a call.

 We work with some of the biggest property and facility management companies in the US as well as with all of our individual local friends and customers. Let us show you how amazing, easy, and worry free your plumbing experience may be.

Give us a call at (559) 500-1719 and we will answer all your questions and needs with a live technician.